Paying for School

CiiAT Tuition & Fees

Cultural Immersion ProgramExpressive Arts ProgramTAPPS
$1040. per Unit$1040. per Unit$895 per class level I
$1195 per class level II
28,000 per year26,000 per year$10,000 per year full program
Additional Fees
Application Interview Fee
Application Interview Fee
No Interview Fee
Administrative Production
Administrative Production
Graduation Fee
Graduation Fee
Certificate Fee
Late Payment Fee   $100 per installment
Returned Check Fee   $35  
Practicum Extension Fee $500 per year



CiiAT generously makes payment plans available to students at their discretion. Plans must be paid in an agreed to timely fashion or a late payment of $100 per late payment will be assessed.

Computers and adequate high-speed internet is required per instructor’s request.  Textbooks and articles will be student’s responsibility.
Thesis binding is an additional cost to each student per copy.  pricing Varies by country.

Therapy may be required if not done prior to entry into the program. This is described in the student’s handbook.

Participation in conferences is encouraged but is at student’s  expense.


Student transcripts and certificates are withheld until all debts to CiiAT are paid.


Official income tax receipts are provided to students upon request once yearly for tuition paid.


Fees will be refunded according to the most recent version of Private Training Institute Branch of the Ministry of Education of British Columbia (PTIB) refund policy, as written into the Student Contract and Policy Guide.

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