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What is TAPPS?

TAPPS is a hands-on training program is a deep exploration of creativity, connecting you with your unique visual intelligence, while building skill in the techniques of therapeutic arts. You will learn and understand the impact of creativity and art-making on the brain. Apply these new techniques and modalities to your own life or when working with clients or community members in your work.

TAPPS is not intended to certify you as an art therapist, but the experiential components offer practical techniques to enrich your existing clinical or teaching practice, or simply to apply to your own creative process. If you are already using art in your practice, TAPPS will assist you in understanding the vibrancy and healing power in the art process.


*       is as effective with clients and patients who have no background in art as well as those who do. You do not have to be an artist or therapist to use these techniques, modalities and knowledge.

*       will give you tools to enhance your work with clients by offering a new avenue for you and your clients to express themselves.

*       will guide you in assessments and develop your own art techniques that are appropriate for your individual clients and for groups.

Each Professional Development Program is tailored to a specific audience and taught by faculty who are clinically experienced with that group.

TAPPS Applications

Clinical, therapeutic applications

You will learn specific techniques and modalities to work with your students, clients and patients in your own profession.

Community applications, such as arts-based education, body work, ministry and coaching

You will learn specific techniques to work with communities and groups


Where healing arts are practiced

  • Hospitals (e.g., CiiAT outpatient program at Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, Canada) and nursing homes
  • community mental health centers, shelters, prisons
  • early childhood programs, special schools


Reinforcement of knowledge or to learn new skills: Art Therapists, psychologists, therapists, teachers, coaches or parents.

Self-care, intentional creativity, and personal growth. What energizes you? What creative techniques will you integrate into your life?

Exploration of a career change?

This course is ideal for those that are artists or complete beginners to the field of healing arts considering a career change to become an Art Therapist, though unsure if you want to commit yourself financially to a full Art Therapy qualification.

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