ONLINE Studio Art Therapy course now being offered at CiiAT


Beginning in January 2017, CiiAT is offering our first ONLINE Studio Art Therapy course.
called “Cultivating Creativity through Art & Process” with Instructor Patricia Williams

Patricia 2This course is open to all CiiAT students, students that wish to take the course who are not yet enrolled in a program should contact Madison Weiss at or messenger her here on Facebook. This course is a Post bachelors and post Masters course.

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This experiential art therapy studio course offers an opportunity for the student to personally experience the art therapy process through exploration of art materials and art therapy techniques applicable to work with individual and groups.
The Instructor will facilitate the process of analyzing the art work using phenomenological and symbolic methods.

  • Experience the art therapy process by exploring both spontaneous art-making and some art directives
  • Develop skills in symbolic interpretation through creating art and journal writing
  • Learn a variety of approaches to Art Therapy Assessment
  • Develop skills in understanding the art therapy image
  • Demonstrate appropriate therapeutic presence and awareness in a safe therapeutic relationship
  • Observe, identify, analyze and apply appropriate therapeutic skills through role play, and learning to give and receive feedback.
  • Respond therapeutically in a culturally sensitive manner.
  • CiiAT is recognized by CATA, PICTIA and the IEATA.
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