Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have completed a bachelors degree to begin this program?

Yes, our programs require a bachelors degree, and we do request transcripts from you.

As you mention in your requirements regarding pre-requisites, I have to take advance Psychology Courses: Abnormal, Developmental, Personality.  However, My bachelor’s Degree is in Modern Languages. I have taken a few workshops related to different therapies but haven’t taken the Psychology Courses yet. My question is: How can I take those classes before applying to CIIAT?

Good news! These courses can be done online as co-requisites while you are studying with ciiat and we can recommend institutions that have them. These are only required if you want CATA registration. (Canadian Art Therapy Association Registration).

Am I considered a Registered Art Therapist upon completion of the program?

Upon graduating from our two year program you are a graduate with a certification that can work as an Art Therapist who is eligible for the professional standing membership with CATA (The Canadian Art Therapy Association).

Having graduated from an accredited institute in art therapy  (CIIAT) you can then move on to becoming a Registered Canadian Art Therapist. Once you have graduated from our 2 year program with a diploma and certification from Ciiat, only then can you work towards getting your registration with CATA.

Registration is only granted to members once they have completed specific hours various criteria. Check the CATA website for more details, its a great resource. As for the AATA (The American Art Therapy Association) approval, we recommend that you contact them directly and ask what the credentials are.

What about working as an Art Therapist in other countries?

Completing our program qualifies you to register as a Professional Member with CATA (The Canadian Art Therapy Association), you then become eligible to complete CATA Registration through a series of post graduate hours in the field. You complete approximately 1000 hours, which takes about a year to complete. Once you do then you become a Registered Art Therapist with the Canadian Art Therapy Association.

It’s common in many countries to call yourself something like an Art Exploration Therapist and be registered with CATA or have completed the Ciiat program which does make you qualify to be a professional member of CATA.


So depending on your career choices, you will have the opportunity to call yourself a Canadian Registered Art Therapist whether working in the USA, or elsewhere.

No matter where you practice, UK, USA, JAPAN etc.. each location may have separate requirementsYou may still practice Art Therapy.

You will qualify for Registration under CATA when finished. You can then apply to other places, but you may practice Art Therapy.


Do I have to take TOEFL exam or equivalent?

No Toefl. If you are concerned about your english, we can speak with you via Skype to determine eligibility.

How do I arrange the student visa to study and work in Canada plus insurance health care? 

A Student visa is easy for people to get you can check out our links under Resources.
Students are never required to come to Canada, but can if they want to do a weekend course.Then the 6 month tourist visa is adequate.

We recommend travel health insurance, but the cost to students without insurance for medical is very low. But we don’t arrange that.





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