​Interpretive Approaches to Art Therapy and Art Therapy History

Cii 0101

​Interpretive Approaches to Art Therapy and Art Therapy History

Lucille Proulx, MA, ATR, RCAT


Course delivery: Online

A variety of interpretive frameworks ​are​ applied to the practice of art therapy. The examination of the foundations of art therapy and the underlying theories, including psychoanalytical, object relations, existential, phenomenological, spiritual, humanistic, developmental, cognitive, behavioural, and gestalt orientations to art therapy will be introduced and explored through lecture, video, art making and reflection. Students will achieve a working knowledge of the similarities and differences of the various theoretical constructs and explore practical applications to these various approaches to art therapy. Emphasis is on achieving a working knowledge of the different theoretical constructs and on gaining knowledge and skills in their practical application.

Course Objectives:

1. To familiarize the students with the various theoretical approaches involved in psychotherapy and art psychotherapy.

2. To inform students on how various applications apply to understand art work.

3. To choose appropriate theoretical approaches for therapeutic intervention.

4. To understand the history of art therapy.

If you have interest please contact Madison for more info at ciiatglobaledconnect@gmail.com

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